The reason behind Aseptic Academy

Our Mission

Aseptic Academy was born to provide sterile companies support for closing the gap between what the industry wants and requires and the education and knowledge necessary to do it. 

Common mistakes

why Aseptic Academy

Aseptic manufacturing is a unique world where is very likely to see incorrect practices and mistakes.

Due to its impact on patients, the manufacturing process of sterile products is always under authorities scrutiny, who assess both the facilitires and the way to work of the personnel.

Impact on patients

Authority scrutiny

About Us

Over the years and from different perspectives, the Aseptic Academy promoters have been in contact with many companies that had to use the “sterile/aseptic world” concepts in their processes, because their products were sterile, because they needed to work in classified areas, or whatsoever other reasons.

The final target of the Aseptic Academy is providing the attendants a “hands-on” training context where they can learn the basics for behaving correctly in a sterile environment and do not jeopardize the sterility of the product.
Other supporting topics will help to achieve this target and are also included in the program to facilitate the whole understanding of the “aseptic world”.

Aseptic Academy has his own real simulation area where the attendees will have the opportunity to use the simulated area, equipped with a filling line, a laminar flow, materials for practising gowning, sampling, cleaning…etc

Understand why some procedures have to be in a specific way.
We want attendees to learn the basics both for regulatory and technical point of view.

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