The importance of

for aseptic manufacturing

To cover the “GAP” between process requirements and professional skills throug a High Value Training combining theory and hands-on practices in a simulated aseptic facility

A passionate team working at pharma industry motivated with sharing our knowledge.

Share our knowledge of Good Aseptic Practices (GAP). Not only in public seminars but also in-house.

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Vision for training

We focus on providing "hands-on" training context where attendees can learn the basics.

Aseptic Academy was born as a center of knowledge where the attendees will learn by practicing how to work in a cleanroom, either for terminally sterilized or aseptically filled products.

We also offer training seminars on the basic theoretical knowledge that will lead the attendees to understand “why” the activities in an aseptic room have to be done in a specific way, the associated risk and its consequences.

Aseptic Processing Practical Seminar Course

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